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San Diego's Vast Array of Happy Hours

happy hour san diego

With its tremendous variety of restaurants and bars, San Diego provides countless happy hours to choose from. They offer discounts on items ranging from well-known American beers to seaweed salad and fried zucchini. The city's proximity to Mexico influences many of its happy hour options.


Beer, wine, sangria, cocktails and liquor are available at heavily discounted prices during happy hour. Many local eateries sell bottles and pints of beer for $1 to $2 less, according to the San Diego Reader. House wines frequently cost around $5 per glass, but some bars charge as little as $3.50 or $4 for this drink.

happy hour san diego

Numerous happy hour san diego feature discounts on martinis, margaritas and other mixed beverages. As of 2014, it's not uncommon to order these drinks at prices under $6. Low-priced mai tais and other cocktails remain somewhat harder to find. Two of the more exotic drink choices include sake and Greek beer.


San Diego's happy hour appetizers are even more eclectic. Visitors can find low-cost sushi rolls, garlic toast and calamari at different establishments. One local bar even offers dates wrapped in bacon, according to the Downtown San Diego Partnership. Several restaurants charge 50% less or offer $2 discounts.

happy hour san diego

Foreign eateries in this part of southern California sell assorted Central American, Asian and European appetizers at reduced prices. They range from stuffed grape leaves to garlic edamame. Mexican restaurants tend to offer substantial discounts on nachos, flautas, tostadas or small tacos.


Fewer San Diego eateries provide special meal prices at happy hour. Nonetheless, there are a number of appealing items that cost under $10. They include various potpies, hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and pizzas. People who desire healthier options can find discount salads at a few cafes and restaurants.

happy hour san diego

An alternate approach is to make a meal by putting together multiple appetizers. For example, one might combine drinks, a slider and fries or onion rings to create an adequate lunch. A problem is that some restaurants' happy hour snacks are smaller than the standard appetizers on their menus. Small-town residents may think of this hour as an event that only happens on Fridays or during the late afternoon. However, it's possible to find happy hour in San Diego at almost any time or date. It often occurs between two o'clock and midnight, but some bars start as early as 10 a.m.

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