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Reasons Happy Hour in San Diego Is So Popular

happy hour san diego Enjoying a night out with loved ones is something that can appeal to everyone. An inviting location and delicious food can make these types of outings all the more enjoyable, and getting a great drink for the right price can truly complete the outing. Happy hour San Diego can be the best time to get the full experience and make lasting memories during a night out. Multiple locations offer this type of special event, and taking advantage of it can improve any night and complement any dinner date, night out with friends, or celebratory event.

Happy Hour at San Diego Restaurants
happy hour san diego Almost everyone likes to have a delicious drink to help unwind after a long day or week of personal and professional responsibilities. Many locations offer happy hour in San Diego, and the combination of great drinks, discounted prices, and a sociable atmosphere makes happy hour a very popular event. Locations that offer happy hour in San Diego often attract a diverse array of customers. Because of this, meeting new people is very easy. This community feel appeals to many people who want to make new friends and share a drink after dinner.

A Variety of Popular and Custom Drinks
happy hour san diego Everyone has different taste when it comes to drinks, and popular locations know that it’s important to have talented staff on hand during happy hour in San Diego. Many locations offer quick, accurate, and affordable drinks during happy hour to keep patrons happy. In addition to providing a full menu of impressive crowd favorites, many bars and restaurants make custom drinks to give customers a new item to try out. While every location is different, most offer great deals on their original drinks during happy hour to help promote repeat business and gain new regulars at their establishment.

Conducive to Great Memories with Friends
Spending a night out with friends or family at a bar or restaurant is a great way to create long-lasting memories. Most establishments implement happy hour partially to appeal to those who want to have a more complete experience with their loved ones during a night out. In addition to the relaxed and casual ambience, the presence of affordable drinks makes getting a great deal and having a good time easier than ever before. Sometimes happy hour can even include certain food items, so friends can gather together and enjoy a more affordable evening while watching the game or simply enjoying each other’s company.

happy hour san diego

Great for New Visitors or Regular Patrons
Happy hour can appeal to individuals who are new to a location or who frequent it. While each restaurant and bar offers different services during happy hour in San Diego, there are basic similarities between most of them. This allows anyone to enjoy happy hour at a given location whether they are alone or with others. Great drinks at affordable rates are always appealing, and this is why happy hour is so popular at restaurants and bars in the San Diego area. Trying out different locations can help anyone find the best menu and prices for their unique tastes and budget.

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Happy Hour San Diego

happy hour san diegoThere’s nothing quite like making a memory with family and friends at an exciting location. Good food, great drinks, and an authentic atmosphere to complement the entire experience makes for a restaurant everyone can enjoy. Whether a local is looking for a great new site to eat regularly or a tourist who wants a dining experience that is both memorable and entertaining, San Diego restaurants are a great choice. There is perhaps no better time to stop by than during happy hour; let this location be a host for a memorable evening!
Happy Hour at Favorite San Diego Restaurants
With a broad, diverse, and affordable selection of drinks available, enjoying the authentic atmosphere this restaurant creates has never been easier. Relax on a comfortable stools or stop by a table to grab a quick bite. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the flat screens that provide big games in crystal-clear HD. Those who are looking to socialize will find that a popular location attracts a large array of patrons. At this growing location, making new friends is easy.
Great Service and Impressive Menu Choices
happy hour san diegoPart of having an enjoyable night is making sure to get the right drink for the right price. The talented staff can prepare a delicious array of choices in a timely fashion to help guests enjoy the evening with drink in hand. Whether they want it flavored, plain, on the rocks, or frozen, the talented bartenders can help find something to suit anyone’s tastes – and their budget!
Make a Night of It – Bring Friends!
For an exceptionally fun first time trying a San Diego restaurant, a visitor should bring their friends and make themselves at home. Enjoy the sporty, stylish ambience while taking advantage of Happy Hour discounts on a variety of appetizers. Watch the game or just make casual conversation in a clean, hospitable San Diego restaurant. Whether someone needs a fun destination for dinner or want to try out some new drinks, the happy hour san diego are excited to serve everybody.
happy hour san diego
A Great Location for Year-Round Dining and Drinks
From baseball games in the warmer months of the year to hockey once the cold sets in, watch a variety of sports and enjoy a number of specials throughout the year. The competitive prices and large menu selection keep customers returning – and Happy Hour gives a chance for an especially great time! Save money and enjoy a fun, social environment with friends and a favorite drink. With such a great selection and environment, each trip to this San Diego restaurant feels like a new and exciting adventure.
happy hour san diego
Call today to find out about Happy Hour menu, specials, and more. Let this exciting location serve as a destination for watching the big game, making new friends, or just enjoying a great meal. Stop by and try the specials today!

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The Basics of Happy Hour Food

The traditional happy hour has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings as an incentive for workingmen who have just gotten off shift to stop at local taverns before going home. Designed to coincide with the end of the average workday, happy hour proved to be such a success that it wasn't long before most establishments that served liquor adopted the tradition in some form. They also  began to offer salty snacks such as chips or pretzels in order to increase thirst among patrons and therefore drive up sales. The bowl of chips, pretzels, or popcorn has since evolved in most places to include items such as hot wings, sliders, and miniature fajitas.

happy hour san diego

Bar and restaurant owners have discovered that offering quality happy hour snacks is good for business in more ways than one. If the establishment also serves dinner, it introduces bar patrons to menu items that may provide them with incentive to stay for dinner. It may also serve to encourage people to order full plates once they get a taste of the kitchen fare.

happy hour san diego

In today's climate, it's also important to prevent patrons from becoming intoxicated while on the premises, which one of the main reasons why locales offering happy hour San Diego frequently feature many different snack items.

happy hour san diego

Happy hour food should be easily eaten with the fingers and not too messy. Hot wings are the preferred appetizer of choice for many sports bars, and they are inexpensive enough so that they can be served in abundance. However, they are rather messy, and bars that include them in their happy hour offerings must be prepared to hand out lots of napkins. A better choice might be chicken nuggets that can be eaten with toothpicks and dipped into barbecue sauce if so desired.

happy hour san diego

Although some restaurants go all out by providing actual happy hour buffets, most have found it's better to reach a happy medium between the humble bowl of chips and a full buffet. The cost of providing an in-house happy hour buffet usually has to be supplemented by raising drink prices. This practice may result in customers being alienated because it defeats the whole purpose of happy hour. Most establishments have found that offering two or three items during happy hour satisfies customers and keeps kitchen costs at reasonable levels.

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How Happy Hour Has Changed Over the Years

Gathering with coworkers for a drink before heading home after work has been a tradition for well over a century. Happy hour began as a way to attract the lucrative after-work crowd into area taverns, many of mexican lunch san diego which were situated close to industrial districts to appeal to those just getting off work. These taverns were rustic affairs that served cold beer, shots of whiskey, and salty snacks designed to increase the thirst of their patrons. 

Floors were often strewn with sawdust, and women weren't allowed in most of these establishments unless they were employees. That began to change when more and more women entered the workforce, and it is now against the law to deny someone entrance to a public establishment based on their sex.

mexican dinner san diego
The types of beverages served by taverns and bars has also changed dramatically over the years. Mixed drinks became extremely popular in the 50s, and happy hour San Diego became popular among those working in the business district as opposed to factory and industrial workers. Many bars and taverns changed to accommodate a more upscale clientele during that period of time, and drinks like the martini became extremely popular, particularly in urban environments. However, happy hour san diego the classic working class tavern continued to thrive in industrial areas and still maintain a significant presence. 

In many communities, popular happy hour meeting places are a hybrid of old-school taverns and the type of upscale bars that became popular in the 1950s. The thing that remains the same is that competition for business is still extremely stiff in the food and beverage industry, and the after-work happy hour crowd is still the most sought after customer demographic.

No matter where they choose to celebrate the end of their workday, today's happy hour crowd has a significantly wider selection of beverages than their counterparts of the past. Many establishments have expanded happy hour to include food as well as drinks. Happy hour isn't just for places that serve adult beverages anymore. Coffee and tea shops often have happy hours as well, and ice cream parlors have also adopted the trend.

mexican dinner san diego

The tradition of happy hour is now firmly entrenched in modern culture, and it provides an excellent way for workers from all different industries to bridge teh gap between their work day and their evening at home.

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It's Always Happy Hour Someplace

happy hour San Diego
One practice that never loses its popularity is the observance, or perhaps celebration is a better word, of Happy Hour, that magical mystical time that hovers on the cusp of the workday and the night that lies ahead. It's the time when bars and restaurants open their doors to workers and non-workers alike, the office-weary and the tourist, and set down libations and appetizers, often choosing to discount them by fifty percent. While many embrace and appreciate the hospitality of the observance, few agree on its origins.

happy hour San Diego
As with all things fashionable, the French may have had a role in the matter, but, if so, they found it in Couvet, a town on the other side of the border France shares with Switzerland. This is where, in the 1700s, Dr Pierre Ordinaire prescribed absinthe, a green-tinged licorice-tasting liquor brewed from fennel, anise, and wormwood, as a cure-all tonic. Because of its high alcohol content, two to three times that of whisky and normal brandy, it soon shed its nature of tonique and took on the allure of aperitif, as it found its way to early Nineteenth Century Paris.
Food-loving Parisians, swearing that absinthe sharpened their appetites, began to designate the  five-to-seven o'clock time slot to imbibing one, and only one absinthe-based green cocktail, due to its strength. However,  while it didn't take long for that pre-dinner limit to be raised, its name, l'huere verte, or Green Hour, stuck. However this explanation fails to account for how Green Hour became today's Happy Hour observed in drinking establishments from San Diego to  Sao Paulo to Staten Island.

The U.S. Navy?
happy hour San Diego
Some credit the Navy with coining the term, although the naval brass had a different meaning in mind. For 1920s-era sailors, happy hour was a period in late afternoon when they could let off steam by participating in athletic endeavors.

Ironically, it may have been the Prohibition era in United States History, when alcohol was universally outlawed in the country, for the practice to take hold in America. Intent on having their pre-dinner cocktail, and eating too, Americans began to gather in homes or speakeasies to have a drink or two before venturing out to restaurants where the practice  was taboo. Before long, the naval term and the popular practice were combined and the rest is bar history.

The Happy Hour Question with No Answer
happy hour San Diego
As for what the preferred drink is, margaritas of all flavors and compositions would appear to be the perennial  front runners, as would locally popular designated beers. But it's the choice of the bar management as to what they want to feature, and ultimately, the preference of the customer. However in the interest of preserving history, it can be agreed that happy hour San Diego is wherever drinkers gather to cast away the worries of the day, at least until the next tomorrow, then, with whetted appetites, stay put to order from the dinner menu, or head on home to a good  meal.

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How Did Happy Hour Get Started and What Makes it So Special?

No matter where someone goes, it seems that every establishment that serves liquor has a "happy hour." What's behind this phenomenon?

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It turns out that fans of happy hour San Diego (and everywhere else) have marketing to thank for their favorite time of the day. Many years ago, bar owners noticed that there was a big surge of customers in the evenings but hardly any came in before that. Someone came up with the idea of lowering the price of drinks for the hour before the busy period in an attempt to stretch out the number of active hours for his bar. The idea soon caught on and spread across the United States and Canada.

Because the root of the idea is still to increase the amount of time in which people buy drinks, a bar or restaurant's happy hour doesn't start according to some traditional time. Instead, it'll begin one or even two hours before that establishment's busy part of the day. There are also differences based on the day of the week. Tuesdays, which are typically slow all day, often have extended happy hours as well as various other specials. Friday and Saturday, on the other hand, often have no deals at all.

dining san diego

What Makes a Happy Hour Different From All the Other Hours?

happy hour san diego
The most obvious difference is the price of the drinks. This is typically what restaurants and bars advertise on their front doors. Fans, however, note that this is just the start. There are many other factors that go into this special time of the day.

One of the factors that come up again and again is the fact that different people come to happy hour than arrive during the main part of the evening. Though each establishment has its own type of crowd at any time, happy hour patrons are generally described as being more laid back.

dining san diego

There are other differences between these groups besides their general attitudes. Happy hours often begin too soon to catch a working crowd, so they're more prone to attract either young people or retirees. Which age group will come depends on the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and the demographics of the area. As these things show, what started out as a simple plan to fill barstools earlier in the day has evolved into a special time with its own unique fans.

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Make Friends and Enjoy Great Drinks at Happy Hour in a San Diego Mexican Restaurant

Even those that absolutely love their jobs sometimes feel a bit bogged down and exhausted by the regular nine-to-five grind. Sometimes though the closest holiday is still at least a month away and it's tough to book time off at the last minute. The only time to really recharge then is after work and the weekends. Even those starting a new job should value relaxation to keep them rested and ready to go each and every day.

happy hour san diego

Of course, there's a lot to be apprehensive about when entering a new company culture. The new employee wants to get along with everyone, adapt and acclimate, and do great and memorable work. However, starting somewhere else feels a lot like going to a new school after moving elsewhere and leaving all of those old friends behind. Everyone else already knows each other so well that it's tough to interject and introduce oneself.

happy hour san diego

Instead of skirting around the subject, invite some coworkers out for happy hour San Diego. Each night from Monday through Friday, around the time that work lets out, happy hour begins at restaurants like these. Besides the regular selections of beers and other spirits, of course one would expect a Mexican eatery to have huge margaritas. Cool down on those hot summer days with a frozen drink rimmed with salt or sugar. There's also plenty of food available too, ranging from appetizers to small meals so that everyone leaves with a full belly and a smile on their face.

happy hour san diego

During this time, a new employee should ask some questions about their coworkers. These don't have to be about workplace life. Instead, try to get to know the others for the people that they are outside of work. Perhaps some coworkers like sports, music, movies, the arts, nature, exercise, or any other myriad of hobbies and interests. When everyone feels like they can unwind at a bar and restaurant, they'll start talking about all sorts of different facets of their lives. 

happy hour san diego

This allows a new employee to get to know their work mates better than the sometimes restricted office environment allows.

In fact, once a new employee feels like they've palled around with some others that they work with, the group may make it a regular routine to stop at a Mexican restaurant like this in the city on a weekly basis for drinks, snacks, and catching up.