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Make Friends and Enjoy Great Drinks at Happy Hour in a San Diego Mexican Restaurant

Even those that absolutely love their jobs sometimes feel a bit bogged down and exhausted by the regular nine-to-five grind. Sometimes though the closest holiday is still at least a month away and it's tough to book time off at the last minute. The only time to really recharge then is after work and the weekends. Even those starting a new job should value relaxation to keep them rested and ready to go each and every day.

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Of course, there's a lot to be apprehensive about when entering a new company culture. The new employee wants to get along with everyone, adapt and acclimate, and do great and memorable work. However, starting somewhere else feels a lot like going to a new school after moving elsewhere and leaving all of those old friends behind. Everyone else already knows each other so well that it's tough to interject and introduce oneself.

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Instead of skirting around the subject, invite some coworkers out for happy hour San Diego. Each night from Monday through Friday, around the time that work lets out, happy hour begins at restaurants like these. Besides the regular selections of beers and other spirits, of course one would expect a Mexican eatery to have huge margaritas. Cool down on those hot summer days with a frozen drink rimmed with salt or sugar. There's also plenty of food available too, ranging from appetizers to small meals so that everyone leaves with a full belly and a smile on their face.

happy hour san diego

During this time, a new employee should ask some questions about their coworkers. These don't have to be about workplace life. Instead, try to get to know the others for the people that they are outside of work. Perhaps some coworkers like sports, music, movies, the arts, nature, exercise, or any other myriad of hobbies and interests. When everyone feels like they can unwind at a bar and restaurant, they'll start talking about all sorts of different facets of their lives. 

happy hour san diego

This allows a new employee to get to know their work mates better than the sometimes restricted office environment allows.

In fact, once a new employee feels like they've palled around with some others that they work with, the group may make it a regular routine to stop at a Mexican restaurant like this in the city on a weekly basis for drinks, snacks, and catching up. 

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