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Favorite Happy Hour Drinks

With just a few ingredients, restaurants and bars come up with hundreds of drink combinations. Those enjoying happy hour San Diego have happy hour san diego thousands of drink options to choose from, with flavors that range from stark to sweet. Favorite happy hour drinks include a variety of liquors and add ins such as lemon, orange, mint, and even chocolate. Here's a look at several of the most popular cocktails and drinks.

The Mojito

Fueled by white rum that is mixed with soda water and other flavors, the Mojito has tropical roots and a colorful presentation. The cocktail has evolved over the years from its sugar, lime juice, and mint base. In some locations, diners can order Mojitos flavored with peach or other fruit juices.

The Margarita

Tequila and other liquors provide the base for the margarita—one of the most popular drinks served alongside Mexican cuisine. Happy hour guests regularly enjoy the sweet-and-mexican restaurant san diego sour concoction next to the salty crunch of chips and dip, and the beverage is often dressed up with fruit flavors as well. Served frozen or over full cubes of ice, the margarita is especially enjoyable in its strawberry form.

The Cosmopolitan

Since the 70s, the Cosmo has been making waves at high-scale bars and restaurants, but its real claim to fame is probably its constant cameo on the television show Sex in the City. Usually made with triple sec and lemon vodka, the Cosmo is further flavored by lime juice and cranberry sauce.

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In the top ten of most-requested drinks, sangria is a hardcore twist on a fancy glass of red wine. Most happy hour san diego recipes add citrus juice, such as lemon and orange, to the wine along with sugar, brandy and soda water. Unlike many cocktails, the recipes for sangria vary widely, so sipping one at happy hour is always an adventure.

Amaretto Sour

A simple cocktail with a big name, the Amaretto sour is simply Amaretto with sour mix. The drink calls for a bit of lip puckering, but goes alongside salty or spicy Mexican cuisine perfectly.
Happy hour is a time of celebration and enjoying friends—selecting favorite cocktails to sip over stories and snacks is just one tradition of this early afternoon time slot.

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